Renters Insurance in Abingdon, Marion, Bristol, Wytheville, Glade Spring, Chilhowie, VA, and Surrounding Areas 

You may not own a house yet in Abingdon, Marion, Bristol, Wytheville, Glade Spring, Chilhowie, and the surrounding areas, but that doesn’t mean that you own nothing. You likely have hundreds of dollars in clothing that you own, plus your television, kitchen appliances, computers, cell phones, and many other items. All of these should be protected with renters insurance that you get from Slemp Brant Saunders Insurance Agency, and that protection won’t be coming from your landlord. Renters insurance is quite inexpensive for the coverage that you get, and you can get endorsements for other specific items that are either very expensive, unique or otherwise would not be covered with a typical renters insurance policy. Talk with our team today to learn more about getting renters insurance.

A Renter in a Marion, VA Apartment Relaxing After Signing up for Renter's Insurance Is Renters Insurance Really That Inexpensive

This is the common wisdom that many people have heard, and the wisdom is true. Renters insurance is very affordable primarily because, unlike homeowners insurance, renters insurance does not need to cover the cost of the building. Renters insurance is designed to protect your own property, both those items that are in your apartment, condo, or other location you are renting, but also those items that you have with you when you travel to work, on vacation, or elsewhere.

And while your renter’s insurance will be one of the least expensive insurance policies that you will have, that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t qualify for any discounts to make it even cheaper. One example is the multiple policy discount where your renter’s insurance and vehicle insurance would both receive a discount when you have them with the same insurance company.

Understand What Affects Your Renters Insurance Cost

While renters insurance is inexpensive, it can still fluctuate depending on certain factors. The amount of your deductible will have an impact on your cost, as will the location of where you live. Of course, each different insurance company will calculate renters insurance prices differently, and your choice of the type of coverage will also affect the cost. Our agents can explain these differences to help you make an informed option for your renter’s insurance.

Don’t leave your apartment, condo, or other rental location unprotected from theft, fire, hail, or other event that could damage or destroy your possessions in Abingdon, Marion, Bristol, Wytheville, Glade Spring, Chilhowie, and the surrounding areas. Contact our independent insurance agents at Slemp Brant Saunders Insurance Agency today to get multiple quotes from several different insurance companies.

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