Emergency Service Organizations Insurance for Southwest Virginia including Marion, VA, Smyth County, Wythe County, Washington County, and the Surrounding Areas

Protection for Emergency Service Organizations (ESO’s)

Just like any other business or organization, emergency services and volunteer fire departments have their own assets to protect. This includes a number of assets that are essential to operation including property, equipment, vehicles, buildings and more.

Here are just some of the different types of insurance coverage for emergency service organizations and volunteer fireman departments.

  • Accident and sickness – unfortunately, emergency service personal face a number of potential injuries in their line of work. Emergency personnel face the same dangers they are called to handle. Some accidents and claims may encounter waiting periods, maximum disability limits, pre-existing conditions, and limits for heart conditions. If not covered by working compensation, families can risk financial hardships.
  • Auto – many volunteer firemen and emergency personnel may drive their own personal vehicles to the scene of a fire or accident.
  • General liability – there is no limit to number of liability claims that can happen. From the rushed ride to an emergency, to trips and falls over equipment by employees and bystanders, liability claims could result in large settlements from claims of damages.
  • Property damage – the equipment needed to handle emergencies can be quite expansive and expensive. The buildings, machinery, furniture, and communications should all be included in the policy.
  • Management liability – unfortunately, lawsuits of discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, and other employment-related practices are commonly found in emergency service and volunteer organizations. Management liability helps protects against judgements and settlements.
  • Group term life – this is a “benefit” that helps the families of fallen personnel in their times of need. Group term life can be a tool of retaining and recruiting members as well as a sign of your commitment to your employees and their family obligations.
  • Specialty benefits – these can be other ways of taking care of your employees and emergency personnel by providing additional benefits such as accidental death or dismemberment, health insurance, disability insurance and more.
  • Excess liability – a type of umbrella insurance that will provide additional coverage for certain categories of the insurance policies mentioned above.

VFIS Insurance for Emergency Service Organizations

We look forward to helping our emergency responders find what they need including the insurance through VFIS, Volunteer Firemen’s Insurance Services. VFIS is the largest provider of insurance to all different types of emergency service organizations including fire departments, ambulance and rescue squads, and 911 service centers. VFIS is the leader in the emergency service organization insurance (ESO’s) insuring more organizations than any other carrier. Contact Slemp Brant Saunders Insurance Agency today to find out more.


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